Friday, June 15, 2007

Meet one enduring family

John Travers found the perfect way to spend more time with his teenage daughter Elise.

The Auburn resident took up ultramarathons more than 15 years ago. But this year's training for next Saturday's Western States Endurance Run has been especially gratifying.

"We ride and run together a lot," said Travers, who finished the 100-mile run from Squaw Valley to Auburn in 1992, '96 and '02. "The training takes up an incredible amount of time and it's a good way to try to keep the family together."

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Carry On and Live your Dream

A WOMAN who dreamed of riding through the Spanish countryside while her life hung in the balance is going to finally have her moment.

In the long hours in hospital rooms waiting for treatment for her breast cancer, Wendy Tanton vowed that she would ride through the Spanish mountains when she recovered.

The gardener said: "It is such a boring time and a bit depressing and I suppose you can't help being reflective. You think about your children and how long you are going to be around. It wasn't where I wanted to be and I started to think about the things I did want to do.

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