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Updated: Hoof Injury Advice?? - Angie and Gunner

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Attn. Farriers. I've got some photos I'd love for you to debate. (I've already bothered Jody privately) I went out to saddle Gunner yesterday and was surprised to see a big horizontal split about 1/2 way down the inside heel of his right fore. Lifted it up and it goes all the way across to the frog. I mean a wide separation. I took dental floss and put it in there and can go about 1-1.5" forward with no resistance.

He did not mind me doing that. He did not mind hoof testers on it. He trotted fine on gravel. No sign of blood. I walked my entire fence line wondering if he could have hooked his hoof over wire and sawed that in there. No sign of anything. (and there's a good hotwire 6" inside that fence so they never bother it)

This horse was a thin pasture potato until last Feb. He'd been ridden quite a bit several years ago but had at least 2 years of goofing off. He has done 5 50's this year with no lameness. He had really long toes when I got him. He'd been barefoot a couple of years and had tough feet but *long* toes and we've been backing them up each shoeing.

The question is, did some exterior stress cause the crack? Could the change of angles cause it? We're looking at putting a bar shoe and patching material on there. He's sound. Since I have nothing better to think about until the farrier comes out. Anybody want to venture a guess as to how this could happen and tell me about the horses you've seen win Tevis with worse? (please)

If you want to venture a guess write me and I'll happily send photos. [The Photo's are Below - Editor]

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