Tuesday, December 12, 2006


By Leonard Liesens

[Leonard: In preparation for the FEI Endurance Forum that will take place in Paris in march, the FEI drafted a questionnaire. FEI asks every rider to fill this questionnaire. It seems nevertheless that the action is not completely 'innocent' as the FEI seems to want to dilute strong opinions in the mass. Is the intention of the FEI to cancel the decisions made when the Toulouse Group put a lot of pressure on the FEI? The Toulouse group led by Pierre Cazes and Suzanne Dollinger spontaneously gathered to fight against some bending of the FEI regulations. The 160km distance as the Championship distance was the warhorse of the Group. And now, the question comes again in the spotlights. It is great time for the defenders of the 160Kms to come out of the shade..
Your thoughts?]

For completion by FEI Endurance Registered Riders

The FEI requests the assistance of all FEI Registered Endurance riders by completing this questionnaire. The information provided will give a more complete picture of what is happening within the sport at this time and, further, what is considered important for the development of FEI Endurance in the years to come.

The statistics produced from the questionnaire will be published on the FEI web site and tabled at the 2007 World Endurance Forum in Paris in March.

The FEI would like to thank you for taking the time to complete the document and for returning it by email to : Emilie Leyvraz at e.leyvraz@horsesport.org

Original Endurance-Belgium Report
View The Questionnaire


Anonymous said...

What is an "FEI-registered endurance rider" specifically? One who has a horse with a passport? One who holds a licence from their national org? One who has competed in an FEI ride? How are they identifying the responders?


Anonymous said...

FEI registration for the rider is now required for anyone in order to compete in any FEI ride. This is different from a passport or NF membership. You register via your NF. USEF charges $15 for this registration annually and they pay the FEI about half that per rider (or horse--both must be registered to compete). This is so the FEI can track results and qualifications for their events. So they are requesting input from all those riders who are FEI-registered (ie, are active FEI competitors or intend to be).

Anonymous said...

Thanks--I actually found mine, eventually! OK, here is my thought: We have very few FEI rides in NA, and those are mostly held as qualifiers for the "big rides"--so the only riders who HAVE FEI numbers are our "elite"--the small percentage of riders who are capable of World-type competition. In Europe, however (if I understand this correctly) almost all endurance competition is FEI, so virutally all riders will have numbers and be eligible to respond to this poll. No? Weighs it rather heavily in favour of Europe--those of us who DO have numbers had better respond.
What is the story with Aus/NZ? South America?


Anonymous said...

The whole discussion behind the reviex of the endurance sport at the FEI level is the weight that every national federation will receive.

If the system one NF = one vote is used this will not be representative of the relative weight (and achievements) of the federations and their riders.

It is for sure that Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands) weights more than others with very few riders competing at FEI level.

The debate is open

Leonard, Belgium

Anonymous said...

..and this actually makes sense--that those that participate more should have more votes. The problem is that it is something of a 'catch-22'...the farther the system diverges from what we in NA are comfortable with, the less likely we are to join it.

I am astonished that so few people seem to be interested in this topic! 3/5 posts are from me!