Saturday, October 23, 2021

Home is where the horse is for Veterinarian Yvette Nout - Full Article

October 28 2921

By age 10, little Yvette Nout had already lived in several countries including South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. Her father, a food microbiologist studying African food processes for a private company also had a working relationship with academia.

Throughout all the family’s many moves, faithfully traveling with young Nout was a deepening love for horses. When she was 7, she began taking riding lessons from an English woman in Kenya. Sitting upon that first pony, “Brownie,” the child felt totally at home, regardless the country in which she lived.

When she was 10 and settled into her new location in The Netherlands (where her ancestral roots were planted), she continued with weekly lessons. When that schedule proved too infrequent for her, she mucked out stalls and did others horsey chores in trade for more classes. Eventually she worked at a riding camp saddling, grooming and leading younger children on rides...

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Sunday, October 03, 2021

Bismarck Man & His Horse Vegas – An Incredible 276-Mile Journey - Full Article

Published: October 2, 2021

Boy, you talk about going out and doing something that very few people get a chance or even think about trying, this is it. David Sterna and a 'friend' of his just accomplished something pretty special - living a bit of history so to speak.

An incredible 276-mile journey

According to "David Sterna and his buckskin quarter horse Vegas are back in Mandan after a long journey. They took to the Bismarck-Deadwood trail and traveled 276 miles" - this same trail was used during the late 1880s and David set out to explore what it was like back then - he and his trusty horse...

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