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Endurance Horse Podcast: Pony Express National Museum

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28 December 2021
Created by: Christina Hyke

Welcome to Episode 53 of Endurance Horse Podcast.

April 24th of 2021 was the day I turned 50 and I wanted it to be a memorable occasion. So Jim and I loaded up a rented van with two of our sons and our German Shepard and headed out our Wisconsin driveway bound for St. Joseph Missouri as our destination. We were on a mission to visit two museums, one way station and also to present the National Pony Express Museum with the 16 x 20 large wooden plaque engraved with the names of 500 riders in our Pony Express 1900 Mile Challenge.

The Pony Express 1900 Mile Challenge has been popular with our listeners and the riders of the WARHORSE Endurance Challenges as we help to promote and preserve the Pony Express National Museum. We believe that the Pony Express Museum is a unique part of equine history and one that is deserving of preservation.

We hope you enjoy a stroll down this very unique part of equine history where horses and riders were the main characters in the story.

Without further ado, I bring to you episode 53 of Endurance Horse Podcast, The Pony Express National Museum.