Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Riding and Fitness - Nov 27 2007

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Riding and Fitness

Rider fitness is something that should concern all of us who ride. We make sure our horses are fit, but what about our level of fitness. Once you make the commitment to ride you must make the commitment to achieve a certain level of fitness in order to be a good rider.

As we are heading into the cold miserable winter months, there may be less riding and more down time. It does not take long to pack on a few extra pound as we hibernate. Everyone knows we should eat healthy and maintain a close to normal weight. While it would not be appropriate for me to tell you what to eat or how much, if you have trouble in this area a good nutritionist can be helpful. Some of you may enjoy a group atmosphere like Weight Watchers or prefer to address this on your own if you think you need to. If you are still the perfect weight, congratulations you are one of the lucky ones.


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