Monday, January 07, 2008

Flower Essences and Reiki: Worth a Try? - Full article Alternative therapies flower essence and Reiki--what they are and how they purport to work.

By Elaine Pascoe

Alternative therapies can sometimes be a complement to--never a replacement for--conventional veterinary care. Here are two of the more unusual ones.

Flower Essence Therapy
Bach flower essences and similar products are produced in a similar way to the method used for homeopathic remedies, says veterinarian and holistic practitioner Dr. Joyce Harman. (However, flower essences are not homeopathic remedies.) The essences contain plant extracts diluted beyond the point where you can detect the original ingredient.

Treatment: You put a few drops of the remedy in your horse's mouth or in his food, or mist it on his nose.

What they do:


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