Friday, March 21, 2008

History of Kabardian horses - Full Article

Kabardian breed has evolved from many eastern breeds of steppe horses (Nogai, Kalmuk, Bashkir, Don), Mongolian breeds and then was enhanced with best purebred breeds of that time (Karabakh, Persian, Akhal-Teke).

Arabian breed also was used in the process of forming the Kabardian horse. One of these lines, especially well known for its speed was called "Shagdi" ("faster than a bullet").

Careful human selection over more than 500 years has taken the best features of all the breeds to produce an excellent army and work horse.

Traditional methods of breeding in harsh, mountain region utilised the nature itself to produce a horse which is extremely tough and resistant to difficul environmental conditions.


Name "Kabardian horse" is name given to the horses by people from outside, because country of Kabarda (part of Circassian lands) was most popular place to breed horses thanks to its excellent pastures...


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