Sunday, September 05, 2010

Hoof and thermographic images: What is Normal?

Duncan's ramblings:

Thermography provides you with a non-invasive, objective reading of the circulatory and inflammatory status of your horse by measuring heat. In conjunction with EasyCare, I am using thermographic techniques to investigate any differences in the heat distribution through the hoof and lower limb of horses using different hoof protection protocols (barefoot, booted and shod). As it will be a while before we finish collecting and collating that data, I thought you might be interested in viewing a few images in the interim.

Dorsal view of a near fore hoof belonging to a well performed barefoot endurance horse. The middle image is a thermograph of the hoof prior to a half hour of barefoot (unbooted), low-intensity exercise on a sand surface. The third image is a themograph of the same hoof immediately on cessation of exercise.

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