Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Deworming Delimma

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Martin Krarup Nielsen, DVM, PhD
January 31 2011, Article # 17650

Q: I need advice about deworming our horse. He lives alone in a two-acre pasture, but he is hauled to a public barn for exercising. Our vet has advised us to cut back on the every-other-month worming schedule after a manure sample evidenced no worms. How often should we deworm? Would you please recommend which medication we should use?

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Anonymous said...

we have gone natural after having clear poop checks for worms-the less phamacueticals the better. We went with ABCs N.O.M.S. We are continuing to have clear checks-if we get a specific type of positive hit -ie. bots then we will treat only for that worm and not a broad spectrum overkill.

Anonymous said...

I have seven horses which all came back clear except my PPID (Cushing's disease) gelding. He showed having the Stongyles where the other six were clear on their fecal egg counts. My vet is recommending a twice a year worming of which one should include worming for the tape worms. And my horses do travel regularly to areas shared with other horses. I am mindful of where they graze when we are taking our trail rides.

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