Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why You Should Consider a Gaited Horse for Trail Riding

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So you’re looking for a new horse for trail riding…but you’re only considering your tried-and-true walk, trot and canter candidates?

Maybe you should broaden your horizons!

If you don’t know anything about naturally gaited horses, well, have we got the primer for you.
It’s a series of questions based on myths and misunderstandings about gaited horses, posed by real horse people.

Sort of like myth busters–the horse version. Who knows, maybe after reading it, you’ll start looking for something gaited as your next trail-riding partner.

10 Gaited-Horse Myths: Busted!
By Jessica Jahiel PhD

Myths and misunderstandings about smooth-gaited horses abound. Here, we’ll bust 10 common myths, taken from real questions posed by horse owners from around the country. We’ll explain why each assumption is wrong – and why you should consider a gaited horse for trail riding.

Myth #1: Smooth gaits are artificial.

“The walk, the trot, and the canter are normal gaits for normal horses. Gaited horses bother me, because their smooth gaits are manmade and artificial. I’m into natural horsemanship, and I want my horse to enjoy our trail rides. I could never ride a horse that was forced to perform an artificial gait!”

Busted! Relax. You can safely enjoy gaited horses, natural horsemanship, and trail riding – these three things go together very well. The show ring and the trail are two very different places. Good trail gaits aren’t created by special tack or riding techniques; they’re bred into the horses and brought out by sensible, sympathetic training.

Myth #2: Gaited horses are high-headed nutcases...

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