Thursday, June 28, 2012

Endurance Horse Training Basics Part 1: Hobble Training

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by Karen Chaton


Hobble training teaches a horse to give to pressure, not to freak out when caught/cast/trapped and to wait to be rescued (patience!). It desensitizes your horses legs to being confined or trapped.

If you’ve ever had a horse get caught up in wire, step into a wooden pallet, roll and get cast under a fence or gate or become entangled in a rope or other containment system you no doubt have seen first hand that horses can and will find ways to get into trouble. How they handle it can often be attributed to how the horse has been trained.

Hobble training is something that I have done on every single one of my endurance horses before taking them to an endurance ride. It has really paid off too. I have posted blog posts on this topic before because I do feel so strongly that hobble training should be included in the basic training for any endurance horse. If you haven’t already, please read this post on preparing a horse for hobble training, and this post on some personal examples on when hobble training paid off.


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