Monday, September 10, 2012

Oats: A Popular Ingredient in Horse Feeds - Full Article

By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · July 10, 2012

Because the average oat grain is about 30% hull (fiber), and oats contain sufficient protein, calcium, and phosphorus to meet the requirements of mature horses, oats have traditionally been the predominant grain used by horsemen. Horses digest oats easily in comparison with heavier whole grains like wheat and corn.

Around the middle of the last century, more oats were grown in the U.S. than at present. The decline has been mainly due to poor yields. Genetic modification to improve yields has not been as successful in oats compared to gains in other crops. In spite of poor yields, the quality of oats cannot be denied.

Oat hulls are relatively low in energy and nutritive value. The majority of the protein is found in the groat...

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