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Backcountry and Endurance Horse Characteristics

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Back Country Horsemen of America - 10/2012
by Mike Kinsey, Lori Childress, Maria Bergeng

As Elin Gränsgärd recovered from wounds incurred during a vicious dog attack, she contacted us for assistance dealing with the trauma to her horses, and her riding associates. We were moved to help after reading Swedish national news articles detailing the attack. This attack by two large aggressive malamute dogs on the horses on a training ride, resulted in Elin being personally savaged by those dogs to the point of unconsciousness, and near death. After Elin recovered from the vicious wounds, we traveled to Sweden to work with Elin's horses that had been terrorized in addition to other riders and their horses.

Lori Childress, Belton, South Carolina, and Maria Bergeng, Nesna Norway, (Start 'em Right Senior Interns ) joined me north of Stockholm to conduct the diagnostics, evaluations and some training for a number of endurance horses.
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Reflecting on our recent trip to Sweden, we considered how endurance horse characteristics have parallels to the characteristics of a well rounded back country trail horse. We were in Sweden to conduct a nine day equine Behavioral Analysis clinic, and provide instruction for defensive riding.

The horse needs to be in good physical shape to be able to successfully complete miles of riding. Feeding and physically training the horse are important elements in a productive, reliable horse, but we can't forget to consider the horse's mind as well. A horse can be in perfect physical shape, but have behavioral ("attitude") problems which could cause the ride to fail, and put the rider in danger. Consideration for the psychology of a horse can help mitigate that danger...

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