Saturday, February 09, 2013

Keeping Horses Barefoot: a Healthy Horse From the Ground Up - Full Article

Sat, 02/09/2013

Hooked on the more natural form of horse foot health, well known US dressage competitor and trainer Shannon Peters made the move to barefoot or performance trimming for the health and long term soundess of her horses.

“My motivation to try barefoot trimming started because one of my FEI horses was chronically sore footed in normal shoes,” Shannon told Eurodressage. “However, we found that he would be perfectly sound each time we took him barefoot.”

What began with one problem horse evolved from there and today Shannon has almost all of her horses enjoying the benefits of barefoot and most of her student's horses as well. "It was my idea to try it in the beginning, my farrier at the time did not suggest it and it was definitely not the norm for performance horses," she admitted. "I switched over to a qualified barefoot trimmer Sossity Gargiulo and her husband Mario.”

Shannon advises that there is truly a difference in a “barefoot trim” and the "pasture trim" that most farriers use and that horse lovers must be sure to find a farrier who can perform the right one. “I believe barefoot trimming is good for all horses. Even horses with bad hooves -- mine being one of them -- can perform well if the foot is given enough time to heal...”

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