Friday, July 18, 2014

Managing my endurance horse Bo post colic surgery - Karen Chaton blog - Full Article

I’ve only made a few small changes to how I manage Bo on a day to day basis after his colic surgery in April. While the veterinarians and surgeon were not able to come up with a reason for the cause of Bo’s colic it was suspicious that the morning he went off of his feed (he was still eating, just not all of it like normal) he was also broken out in hives. It’s possible that something he ate disrupted his gut just long enough to create the problem that led to him getting a 180 degree twist.

For the next year Bo will have a slightly higher chance of having another colic episode. So far (knocking on wood) he has not had any signs of being uncomfortable or acting colicky. In the past Bo has had a couple of instances of gas colic, one was over five years ago and the other at the end of last year. The vets didn’t think that what happened was related and do not consider those two instances to be anything more than a coincidence. Of course, as an owner I have to consider that I am going to need to be extra careful and attentive with Bo as I will be from here on out. If I hadn’t noticed that he wasn’t right and gotten him to the vet (I took him to two different clinics as he was not presenting as anything but as a mild colic) in time it could have easily been too late...

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