Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Benefits of Feeding Fats to Horses

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By Karen Briggs
Aug 16, 2014

Horses fed high-fat diets appear to perform better than those fed either a high-starch diet (40%) or a high-protein diet (25%) for both high-speed (racing) activities, and moderate-speed activities (fast trot/slow canter speeds of about five meters a second). Resaerch showed that their blood glucose levels decreased less, and for a shorter duration, than did those horses on high-carb diets. These benefits might produce only subtle results—but even a gain of a few feet on a racetrack might result in a Derby win. Even at lower levels of performance, the change can be valuable. For example, a low-goal polo player might find that his horse can recover more quickly and, perhaps, be able to play one more chukker than before...

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