Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Buddy System Shape-up Program - Full Article

Want to get fit, exercise your horse, and squeeze valuable training into your busy schedule? Try equi-cizing!
May 01, 2008

Many of us lament that we need to lose weight, get in shape, and tone up-especially after a long, cold winter. We may also gripe that exercising is boring or find we don't enjoy a good workout day after day.

Those of us who love to ride often complain that we never have time to do ground work, so our horses' basic manners are sorely lacking.

And those of us who own young horses may grumble that we don't know what else to do with our weanlings, yearlings, and 2-year-olds beyond daily care and teaching them some basic ground skills.

I'd like to suggest that we can solve all these issues-and have fun doing it. The name of the game is "equi-cizing." But heed this warning: This is an addictive activity. It will attract your friends...

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