Monday, April 27, 2015

One Mile Per Hour and Matters of Matrimony - Full Story

By Patti Stedman | April 26th, 2015

My husband Richard’s horse, Sarge, is a rock star. He’s fast and sure-footed on a wide variety of terrain, he’s relatively uncomplicated, and he’s handily become a Decade Team horse. He’s still going strong, and despite my worry wart anxieties, he continues to power along at the age of seventeen without appearing to need to slow down.

Ace is my first string horse these days, and is a joy to ride as he hasn’t a single naughty bone in his body. He’s a steady middle-of-the-pack guy, has done 100s quite nicely, and can occasionally Top Ten on the right course.

He’s not Mick Jagger. He plays third trumpet in the high school jazz band.

The difference between these two horses is roughly 1 mph.

Now, to the uninitiated, a single mile per hour is a piddly difference. Surely these two horses can compete together, condition together, find a happy medium that suits them both so that their happily-married riders enjoy the trail together.

Not so much...

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