Wednesday, July 01, 2015

In Praise of Honest Horses - Full Article

by Patti Stedman
June 30 2015

I’ve often said to riders in my Endurance 101 Clinics “beware the horse with more heart than brain.”

Horses with more heart than brain do not slow or stop when they are tired, they do not limp when they are sore, they do not say “no” when the reality is that they have no “yes” to offer.

Endurance is a tough sport, even with a horse who has a clear sense of self-preservation and honesty to say “I’m tired” or “I hurt” or “I’m thirsty.”

Ace has always been both earnest and honest.

Someone once asked me if he was stoic. I laughed and then giggled, then snorted a little bit, then wiped away my tears and said “no.”

Years ago, due to the abject stupidity of the person typing presently, he got a rope burn on a Hi-Tie. Now, before you write to me and say “but rope burns HURT!” I realize that. Ace was suitably sore, but his suffering was epic...

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