Friday, June 17, 2016

Evidence of temporary cardiac fatigue found in endurance horses - Full Article | 16 June 2016

Evidence of cardiac fatigue has been found in endurance horses following races of 120km to 160km, although its cause and clinical relevance remain uncertain.

The European study involved 26 Arabian horses, comprising two stallions, 11 mares, and 13 geldings, who competed in CEI*** and CEI** events in Glimåkra, Sweden; Gartow, Germany; and Nörten-Hardenberg, Germany.

The researchers performed echocardiography on the horses before and after the rides, and the following morning. They also took blood samples to test for levels of cardiac troponin I, which is a biomarker that provides insight into damage to the heart muscle, and hematocrit and serum protein concentrations – two indicators of the hydration status of the horses...

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