Friday, September 29, 2017

Gateshead firm Glushu pioneers nail-free horseshoes and sees big sales in US - Full Article

The Glushu revolutionises the centuries-old practice of horse shoeing, by swapping nails for glue

13:48, 28 SEP 2017

A Gateshead equestrian firm is galloping towards huge sales growth thanks to orders coming from thousands of miles away in America’s cowboy country.

GluShu has invented plastic coated, slip-on horseshoes which revolutionise the centuries-old practice of horse shoeing by swapping nails for glue.

Design engineer John Wright initially made the GluShus for horses with damaged hooves in 2015 but their popularity has grown around the world, opening up new opportunities.

Now the firm is set to see sales double this year, on the back of latest success in the US, where the company has signed a deal with a Florida-based distributor and formed a working relationship with renowned equestrian institution, the Kentucky Horseshoeing School...

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