Friday, January 25, 2019

Motion Sickness, Trailer Loading Troubles, and Your Horse - Full Article

Could motion sickness make a horse reluctant to load and cause him to scramble in the trailer? Find out what the research says.

Posted by Robin Foster, PhD, CHBC, Cert. AAB, IAABC | Jan 24, 2019

Q.My 11-year-old gelding is somewhat high strung and becomes nervous when hauled. I would like help in managing his nervousness, especially when trailering and, of course, safety is important! In the four years I’ve owned him, we’ve worked with various trainers and he is easier to load, but still scrambles constantly and lathers with sweat when hauled, even over short distances. I think he might have motion sickness. Do horses get motion sickness and what can I do?

A.Some horses do suffer from motion sickness, but not much is known about it or how common it is...

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