Monday, October 19, 2020

Still Riding at 86 - Full Story

17 October 2020
Words by Richard Mulligan

Linda Senser looks back on seven decades in the saddle...

These wonderful photos encapsulate perfectly the joy and fulfilment that come from a lifetime’s devotion to horses.

Linda Senser will be 87 years old in December, and continues to ride after 68 years in the saddle. She’s owned more than 60 horses since buying her first, Honey Pot, in 1953, the same year that Queen Elizabeth II was crowned and Eisenhower became the US President. Arthritis, a total hip replacement and back problems may have led her to give up skiing recently, but Linda has absolutely no intention of retiring from riding.

Indeed, Linda has found that at times when she could barely walk due to back pain, the agony could be alleviated through riding...

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