Sunday, December 12, 2021

Micro RNA profiles show potential in assessing Endurance ability in horses - Full Article

December 11, 2021

New scenarios in the way in which metabolic adaptations are viewed in Endurance horses have been raised by scientists in Italy.

Katia Cappelli and her fellow researchers described Endurance as one of the most challenging equestrian disciplines. Endurance horses are susceptible to metabolic imbalance through dehydration, acid balance and electrolyte abnormalities. There is also the risk of heat accumulation, which can trigger life-threatening conditions.

Endurance horses are subjected to specific training that induces the adaptations required for prolonged moderate-intensity exercise on different ground surfaces and under different weather conditions. The training is dominated by aerobic conditioning.

The University of Perugia researchers, writing in the journal Genes, said evidence has been found that alterations in circulating micro RNA expression are triggered by physical exercise and endurance. These micro-RNAs include regulatory molecules that play active roles in cell differentiation, proliferation and metabolism...

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