Friday, August 18, 2023

Long Distance Rider’s Journey Ends Abruptly - Full Article

A Texas resident who was determined to ride 2,300 miles from Austin to Seattle on horseback has (thankfully) wrapped up the trip early.

By: Kim Izzo | August 15, 2023

The misadventures of Texas resident Cyril Bertheau, 24, is well documented on his own social media. His goal, expressed last April on TikTok and Instagram accounts with the handle 2raw2ride was to ride “from Austin, Texas to Seattle, Washington by horse in less than 100 days.” It’s a journey of 2,300 miles or 3,700 kilometres.

There is scant evidence that Bertheau knew what he was doing, or how to train a horse for such a long ride, or even that he trained at all. He had no prior experience and bought two horses to make the journey. Shiock was first and was purchased off Craigslist, and then later Bertheau added Pete to alleviate some of the burden...

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