Wednesday, May 01, 2024

The Power of Simplicity - Full Article

Blakeley Stables
March 1 2024

"Less is more"... that could be applied to a thousand different things. Whether it's salting your potatoes, or training your horse, finding the right amount can be difficult. So where can you find the sweet spot between too much and not enough?

Here are a few scenarios that can be difficult to find the perfect balance: training and conditioning, tack and feeding/nutrition just to name a few. So let's break these down a little.

Tack/ Equipment:

Endurance is a beautiful sport in that you can make it work with any kind of tack. You don't need fancy equipment or expensive gear. Whatever you have in the barn, that works for you and your horse is great! You don't have to go buy the top of the line endurance tack to be sucessful. Most our our tack came from garage sales and pre-loved...

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