Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Saddle fitting - the inside story

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Saddle Recommendation for Arabee and Nicole
Next in the series of saddle recommendations are Nicole and her horse Arabee (you can follow their adventures on Nicole's blog: Nicole is doing endurance and wants to find a saddle that will fit better than the one she has now:

As you can see, the saddle's sitting pommel-high; some of that is due to the fact that the saddle's too far forward (I'd like to see it about 3 fingers' width further back, but given Arabee's conformation, I'd bet most saddles tend to slide forward). Another reason it's pommel-high is that the tree is too narrow. In the next photo, I've outlined the angle of the tree in green, and the angle of Arabee's back in red. You can see they don't match up.


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