Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Craig Cameron's Top Trail Tips - Full Article

Story by Cynthia McFarland

We chat with the "cowboy’s clinician" about all things trail.

Cowboys are known for many things; practicality and common sense are at the top of the list.

Thanks to a lifetime of ranching and rodeoing and conducting clinics for more than two decades, Craig Cameron is known by many as the "cowboy's clinician." He’s also spent countless hours on the trail. His down-to-earth philosophy for smart riding is to make sure you can live to ride again tomorrow. He stresses safety in every aspect of horse handling, whether on the ground or in the saddle.

I caught up with Cameron just before he headed off into the Colorado wilderness for a week-long trail-riding clinic. He was kind enough to share his top trail-riding tips.

How important is horsemanship to trail riders? Why?

I think horsemanship is extremely important for good trail riding, because the better you can handle your horse, the better you’ll be able to go down the trail and the safer you'll be.


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