Friday, June 18, 2010

Brooks Equine Genetics Lab at Cornell University : EMS and ECD genetics study

Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department of Animal Science

Do you have an Arabian horse with a history of Equine
Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance (EMS) or Equine
Cushing’s Disease (ECD)?

The Brooks Equine Genetics Lab at Cornell University is currently studying the
genetics of EMS and ECD. We are in need of Arabians affected by either of the disorders
as well as unaffected horses kept on the same property. If you own a registered Arabian
horse, at least 10 years of age, that has a history of EMS or ECD or you and your vet
suspect has either disorder, the Brooks Lab wants to hear from you!

If your horse is chosen to participate in the study, we will send you a kit in the mail
asking you to submit the following information for your horse:

1) Brief health history, especially as it pertains to EMS or ECD.
2) Seven body measurements (a measuring tape is included with the kit)
3) Full body profile photo of your horse
4) A copy of their pedigree
5) Hair sample pulled from the mane or tail for DNA

We need the same information for any available unaffected Arabians that are kept on
the same property. Some endocrinology testing may be required for unaffected horses, but
all testing fees will be covered by our lab. There will not be any specific genetic results for
your horse, but we will notify owners of our overall results at the conclusion of the study.
All information is kept confidential.

If you are interested in participating in our study, please contact:
Cassy Streeter – M.S. student
Dr. Samantha Brooks – Supervisor

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