Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tom Quilty, boots and thermographs

Manilla Tom Quilty 2010 - Booted Horses are More Likely to Finish!
Wednesday, June 30, 2010 by Duncan McLaughlin

Last weekend saw endurance riders from all over the Australia and from around the world gather at Manilla, NSW for this years Quilty. The Quilty is Australia's oldest and most prestigious endurance ride. 11 booted horses were entered in the event and 8 were successful, for a 73% completion rate (compared to the 54% completion rate overall). The successful combinations were:

* Carol Layton on Omani Mr Squiggle;
* Deanna Trevena on Warr of the Roses;
* me on Jupiter Mikeno;
* Virginia Dodson on Qmriya Raheema;
* Ann Batt on Roxborough Nato;
* Donna Tidsdale on Karrana King;
* Jane Martin on Blake's Heaven Dubbonet; and
* Rebecca Hayes on Summerzar M'zigye.
* (Commiserations to Rachel, Colleen and Darryl)

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I also spent some time playing around with the thermal camera, trying out different protocols and timings to determine the way to get the maximum amount of information about heat patterns, circulation and feet in competing horses. Here are a couple of thermograms of Mikena's feet in her Easyboot Glue-Ons, dorsal shot of near fore and lateral shot of off hind, the morning before and the morning after the ride.

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