Monday, November 15, 2010

Famous Riders Join Forces with ELCR - Full Article

November 1 2010

Renowned three-day event competitor and Olympian Karen O’Connor, along with show reiner and Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Lyle Lovett are showing their support for the Equine Land Conservation Resource.

Ten-time US Female Equestrian Athlete of the Year, Karen O’Connor, is best known for her performances in the Atlanta and Sydney Olympics. Her career and numerous achievements have made her a familiar face in competition, while her dedication to giving back to the equestrian community has made her a fan favorite.

Four-time Grammy Award-winner Lyle Lovett is known throughout the world for his music and feature film acting, but he is also a popular rider in reining events. Lovett breeds and raises Quarter horses for reining and racing, as well as working cow horses. He has also been active in championing equine causes in his native Texas.

Although these equine enthusiasts may seem to have little in common, both recognize the threat to land conservation for horse activity and how it has affected the horse sport, industry and lifestyle...

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