Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Easyboot Gluing Tips and Tricks for Wet and Cold Weather Conditions

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011 by Garrett Ford

The 2011 Tevis Cup 100 Mile Horse Race is days away. The EasyCare staff will be helping many of the horses competing in the event with Easyboot Glue-On boot installation during the week of October 3rd. This is the third consecutive year that Easyboots have been the leading alternative choice of hoof protection choices for Tevis Cup riders. The lightweight race boots are perfect for the rocky, technical conditions.

The weather forecast for California and the Sierra Mountains calls for rain, snow and wind for Tuesday October 3rd, Wednesday October 4th and Thursday October 5th. The weather looks like it will clear for the event but will present difficult conditions for our gluing teams. Wet and cold conditions present challenges but should not influence glue-on success.

Here is my shortlist of tips and tricks that make hoof boot gluing more successful in wet or cold weather conditions.

1. Start with a well trimmed horse before the event. The last thing needed to complicate wet and cold conditions is a poorly trimmed hoof.
2. Glues don't do well with oil, moisture and cold. Make sure no oils or hoof conditioners get onto the hoof. Refrain from washing the horse before the event with shampoo: the oils run down the legs and coat the feet. No fly spray on the feet and hoof walls before the event.
3. If it’s raining, keep your horse in a trailer or stall with shavings. Although it may be cramped in there, it's a perfect place to glue because it's warm and dry...

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