Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Endurance horse training basics

Enduranceridestuff Blog - Karen Chaton

I’m going to do a series of blog posts about basic training for an endurance horse. I will include things that are often lacking in the education of many horses that travel and that are taken on trips overnight. After riding this season, especially on the long XP ride I am left feeling that there are just too many riders out there who seriously lack some of the basics, or perhaps the knowledge required to teach their horses some of the basics.

I hope that this series will help out new riders who may not realize how serious a wreck or accident can occur from a hole in their horse’s basic training.

These are the topics I’m going to cover. If anybody has any suggestions for something else that they would like to see covered, let me know.

1. Hobble training. Very basic. Have posted numerous times on this before.
2. Tying: Does your horse panic if he gets tangled up or wrapped around a bucket, or the end of a hitching post?...

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