Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Pre-Purchase Exam: Better Quality Assurance - Full Article

Learn about how a pre-purchase exam can help determine if the horse you're interested in buying is sound and healthy.
By Cynthia McFarland

Before buying your horse, an exam should be set up with a seperate veterinarian to ensure the horse is in good shape. If you can't judge a book by its cover, you certainly can't rely on casual observation when it comes to buying a horse. Once you've narrowed the field and found a horse that is a good match for you, it's time to schedule a pre-purchase exam. It may be tempting to skip the exam if you are considering a fairly inexpensive horse, or think you already know the animal, but the fact is you can never go wrong with a thorough exam before buying the horse. If everything is fine, the exam is added assurance that you are making the right decision. Should the veterinarian uncover a problem or health issue, the pre-purchase exam can save you untold grief, frustration and money down the road.

Setting Up the Exam
A pre-purchase exam should be conducted by a licensed equine veterinarian who has no connection to the seller. If you don't have an equine veterinarian who you work with already, ask your horse friends to recommend someone they trust. You can also contact the American Association of Equine Practitioners ( and inquire about veterinarians in your area...

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