Sunday, December 18, 2011

Australia: Brumby trainers tame wild horses - Full Article

By Keva Gocher
Sunday, 18 December 2011

Katherin Guderian from Montana in the United States loves the Australian wild horse so much that she moved from America to make her home with horse 'whisperer' and wild brumby trainer Barry Paton.

"Ten years ago I came over and really enjoyed this area, (now) Barry and I have a 3,000 acre place over by Tooma (on the south-western side of the Snowy Mountains) in New South Wales and that is where we go involved with the brumbies."

The American born veterinarian knows wild horse issues from the United States where there is a large community movement to keep the mustang running free and wild on the grasslands.

Barry Paton tames wild horses, but is also a champion horse rider and winner of endurance horse events like the prestigious 'Man from Snowy River' challenges.

"I caught up with her on the Heritage Horse ride in 2000 as they came around Australia and I met her in Wagga where I had my trick brumby show."

He is also an enthusiastic supporter of Australia's wild horses in the high country.

"I've lived in the mountains all my life and I have had a fair bit to do with brumbies, so I like to save them and keep them going, as I think it is terrible that the National Park are trying to get rid of them, because they have been here as long as white man has been here and they are our heritage."

Both Barry Paton and Katherin Guderian are supporters of the rights of the Australia brumby to run free, however there are many individuals, and government agencies that are involved in removing the horse from the wild, where it is blamed for causing damage to a fragile environment...

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