Monday, July 30, 2012

Tevis Preparation: Misc. Musings - Karen Chaton

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It’s interesting how much more effort it takes to prepare for the Tevis Cup than any other ordinary ride. The easiest part is getting the horse ready, it seems. That’s because I’m always riding anyway! Then there is the paperwork, crew arrangements and all of the other organizing and planning that goes into getting ready for the Tevis.

Most of the rides that I attend take little preparation ahead of time especially since I go by myself — I just pack up and go!

Tevis is one ride where there are a lot of details, some big, and some small... that all have to be attended to especially if you want to have a stress free ride on ride day.

So far I’ve got my crew arranged. I’ve got lists made up for each of the stops including checklists for what to pack. I got my entry in late, so I didn’t get a stall at the fairgrounds. As it turns out that is okay as I can keep Bo on the trailer in a dirt lot after the ride is over which will allow me to keep a closer eye on him.

I’ve been going through all of my tack and equipment making sure everything is in good condition and clean. I’m still deciding what headgear to use on Bo for the start of the ride. He goes so well in this one Myler bit, however it has shanks on it that he just HATES if they hit the side of a water bucket, and I don’t want to cause a delay in him drinking because he is bothered by that. I know I’ll be able to change him over to the S-hack but he’s much too strong and fit to start him in that...

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