Saturday, February 01, 2014

Broncos’ Thunder Takes Manhattan Via NBC and FOX

JANUARY 29 (AURORA, COLO.) – Tuesday might have been the Super Bowl’s media day in the ‘Big Apple,’ but now the star of broadcast airwaves will be a flashy, Arabian gelding and his favorite rider and trainer. Acclaimed Denver Broncos’ mascot, Thunder and his rider/trainer, Ann Judge-Wegener will make an early appearance on both the NBC’s Today Show and FOX’s morning show, FOX & Friends on Friday morning, January 31, 2014.
Clip-clopping through the streets of Manhattan, the duo will be decked in navy and orange, spreading Super Bowl tidings on the East Coast and beyond. Be sure to tune into your local NBC and FOX affiliates early Friday morning to catch Thunder and Ann in live, broadcast action.
Hoping to play an active role in rallying Broncos’ fans on Super Bowl Sunday, this grey mascot and his smiling rider have an infectious energy that will spark a sense of Broncos team unity in MetLife Stadium.
Making history in the 2014 ‘Year of the Horse,’ this purebred, Arabian and his valiant rider will lead the Denver football team out of the tunnel and onto the field on Sunday, Feb. 2. The gallant ride will be a first in Super Bowl history for Thunder and for the National Football League. Additionally, after each Bronco’s score, Thunder and Ann will parade the end zone, eliciting cheers from an expectant crowd of Denver fans.
Hoping to bring home a ring and the title, the Arabian horse community’s favorite celebrity horse and rider, and Broncos’ fans’ symbol of victory will play a huge role in bolstering excitement - no matter the outcome of the game.
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