Saturday, March 01, 2014

Managing Chronic Laminitis - Full Article

By Connie Lechleitner
Feb 19, 2014

Each morning Chrisbell Bednar of Oregonia, Ohio, brings her 16-year-old mare, Brynn, in from overnight grazing and crosses her fingers that the mare’s grazing muzzle is still intact.

“If the muzzle is off, I’ll start to a panic as I try to figure out how much grass she’s eaten and how long she might have had it off,” Bednar says. Even though the Morgan cross spends the night in a closely mowed paddock, there is still the chance she’s overeaten the sugar-rich -grasses.

Confirming the grazing muzzle is in place is just the first hurdle of the day; next, Bednar carefully weighs Brynn’s hay and measures a small amount of low nonstructural carbohydrate feed. Such is life caring for a horse with chronic laminitis...

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