Monday, May 05, 2014

"Keeping Trails Open For You" Campaign NOW LIVE


Contact: Randy Rasmussen, BCHA (341) 602-0713 | Peg Greiwe, BCHA 1-888-893-5161 | Jonathon Stalls (303) 908-0076

Horses and Mules May Provide Answer to Dwindling Federal Trail Dollars

Worth $12.5 Million in 2012

Graham WA (May 4, 2014)) – Are you a hiking, biking, and riding enthusiast who recreates on U.S. Forest Service trails? Did you know it takes more dollars to keep trails maintained and open for use than are available? A huge gap exists between what is maintained and what is needed. That gap is growing each year. The Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA) have launched their "Keeping Trails for You" crowdfunding effort and have generated $22K (45%) within the first nine days. Campaign page link:

Horses and mules help fill that gap.

Okay. Horses and mules can’t do it alone. It takes men and women from the Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA) to get them to work and manage the work. In 2012 alone, BCHA people and four-footed volunteers filled a $12.5 million gap in trail work. 

Sometimes the people need help, too.

The situation is growing more complex and more difficult each year. A sustained effort requires full-time people to manage the efforts and stay on top of the problem.

Maintaining trails on 500 million acres of public lands is a massive effort. BCHA leaders work hard to prioritize and coordinate national efforts to keep trails open and accessible. Leaders at BCHA work with other trails interest groups as well as federal agencies on behalf of trail users throughout the United States. We can’t do it without other trail user organizations and we can’t do it without your help.

So, how can I help?

We’re organizing a crowdfunding opportunity for people who care about trails on public lands. All we ask is for you to help call attention to the issue and what we’re doing. That’s it. 
What do you want me to do? 

Ask everyone you know to contribute, share, and support this bold 45 day online fundraising and awareness effort. Campaign page: 

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