Monday, May 12, 2014

Online Equine Exercise Physiology Course Offered - Full Article

By Edited Press Release
May 04, 2014

No matter the discipline, proper conditioning is a key element toward enhancing your horse’s athletic performance and its ability to endure the activity without succumbing to injury or health problems. Learn the physiology of equine conditioning and what’s best for your equine athlete with Equine Guelph’s online course, "Equine Exercise Physiology."

“Unfortunately, the ‘one size fits all’ concept does not work for conditioning equine athletes,” says course instructor Amanda Waller, PhD. “Each horse is an individual and must be treated that way. We then add all the differences in the demands of each discipline, age, breed and conformation of the horse, as well as the environmental factors and terrain. You can see how training must be optimized to each unique scenario.”

Offered through the University of Guelph, the 12-week online course is designed to provide students with in-depth study of the physiologic systems and metabolic pathways important to equine performance and conditioning. It also offers interaction with fellow horse enthusiasts from around the globe to discuss cutting-edge, evidence-based research. The course is designed to allow participants to safely carry out a daily conditioning workout to prevent overwork, design and monitor a year-round training program for a horse, assess the advantages and disadvantages of new technology and alternate training venues or programs for the athletic horse, and explain the scientific rationale for suggested practices based on an understanding of horse exercise physiology.

Registration for Equine Guelph’s summer 2014 semester is now open with courses beginning on May 12. More information is available at or by contacting Open Learning and Educational Support at or 519/767-5000.

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