Thursday, December 10, 2015

Understanding How An Acute Injury Becomes Chronic Pain And How It Affects Your Horse - Full Article

Understanding how acute injury and pain can develop into chronic pain is an important factor in determining the source of pain and lameness in your horse.

Acute Injury Pain

acute-compensatory Acute pain is defined as a sudden onset of pain of limited duration usually due to injury. A playful kick or nip by a pasture mate will cause limited area muscle tenderness. A loss of footing resulting in a slip or fall might cause a muscle strain or sprain which results in localized soreness. A horse that has been laid off for a time and is ridden too aggressively will become body sore. Cuts, bruises, muscle strains and sprains are examples of acute injury and pain.

Chronic Muscle Pain

Chronic muscle pain, sometimes called cumulative trauma, or repetitive stress injury, is pain not caused by a recent injury...

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