Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Chomping at the bit: Have we had it wrong all along? - Full Article | 1 December 2015

Marauding horsemen from the East once dominated vast swathes of the known world. Could some of them, notably the nomadic Bedouins, have grasped a crucial element of horsemanship that has since been largely lost? A bridle with its roots in antiquity is providing some tantalising insights.

Veterinarian Robert Cook can still recall his week working in Kuwait nearly 30 years ago.

Cook travelled to the region in 1986 to deliver a series of lectures on horses and his grateful sponsors had organized a drive deep into the desert by way of thanks.

He was introduced to a small group of tribesmen who arrived with one horse. The animal was head-shy and they asked Cook through an interpreter if he would examine its mouth...

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