Thursday, March 31, 2016

Laura Jean's Mustang Training Adventure

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by Laura Nicholes
March 30 2016

My name is Laura Jean Nicholes. I am nine years old. I just found out I have been accepted as a competitor to participate in the Idaho Extreme Mustang Makeover youth competition for 2016!

When I first talked to my parents about applying for the EMM, they said I could do it as long as I was able to earn the money to pay for it and they said I would have to put a blog page up about it. I am required to post at least once a week about my mustang project. I like that requirement because it seems fun to me to blog!
Sarah, my little sister, was eager to help me be able to compete. Before we even talked to both of our parents, we started working extra quarter jobs and building my 'mustang fund'.

I have loved horses my whole life and I have been actively training for the past three years. I help out with riding and training several of our family horses and am responsible for the care and maintenance of my horse. My own horse, Hugo, is a six year old, half Arabian half POA who I have had for two years now. Last year I took him on several 25 mile rides and one 30 mile endurance ride. (In endurance they call those LD's for limited distance...)

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Arleen Morley said...

Laura, I think it is wonderful that you have this amazing opportunity to work with horses. It is awesome that you are already competing in LD/endurance rides. They are so much fun, and it gives you an opportunity to bond with your horse. If you ever travel to Texas for an endurance ride, please consider the 3 day Llano Estacado one in early June. I would love to meet you and your family. I wish you happiness and success in your endeavor.