Saturday, May 21, 2016

Treeless Saddles - Parts I, II, III - Full Articles

Saddlefit 4 Life | May 3, 2016
by Jochen Schleese CMS, CSFT, CSE

I just realized that although the whole topic of treeless saddles vs. treed saddles is a pretty controversial one, I have not until now shared my personal thoughts with you on them in this blog space. Please do understand, however, that my thoughts are based on scientific facts and truths – regardless what the manufacturers of these treeless saddles claim. I have had some interesting discourse on the topic with @Barbra Ann King of Relationship Riding in Alberta, and some of these thoughts are based on her point of view. In my blog next week I will present more of my own viewpoint on the topic, but this week I have taken a more conciliatory stance.

The subject of treed and treeless saddles is somewhat contentious and each side will always have its ardent supporters. Since they first showed up on the market, some treeless saddle manufacturers have addressed the spinal issues as well as weight distribution, although there are very few that are doing it properly...

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