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Heroic Marine War Horse Sgt. Reckless Honored at Camp Pendleton with Monument Unveiling

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by Elizabeth Kaye McCall • November 1, 2016

The one-time racehorse-turned-Marine whose heroism in battle earned her the Purple Heart with Gold Star and a spot in Life magazine continues to receive well-deserved accolades.

Sixty-four years to the day after a little Mongolian mare was bought to carry munitions for the antitank division of the 5th Marines Recoilless Rifle (“Reckless”) Platoon in the Korean War, some 600 people gathered on October 26, 2016, at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California, to witness the unveiling of a monument of Staff Sgt. Reckless, the one-time racehorse-turned-Marine whose heroism in battle earned the Purple Heart with Gold Star and landed her on Life magazine’s “Celebrating Our Heroes” list alongside George Washington and Martin Luther King.

“When this cover is taken off [the statue], you will see a rendition of Reckless climbing a steep hill about 30 miles north of Seoul. ... She’s under heavy enemy fire, carrying ammunition,” said Col. Richard Rothwell, USMC (Ret.) and president of Camp Pendleton Historical Society, in his opening remarks at the monument dedication ceremony at the base’s Pacific Views Event Center, where the 12-foot statue stands. “What you won’t see is her coming down that same hill — still under fire — carrying wounded Marines,” he added. “She symbolizes the thousands ... who fought in what has been called ‘America’s Forgotten War.’ My hope is it will be forgotten no more...”

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