Monday, November 14, 2016

I'm Selling My Horse. What Should I Disclose? - Full Article

By Erica Larson, News Editor
Jul 16, 2016

You’ve listed your horse for sale, and you’ve already gotten an inquiry! You read the questions the potential buyer has asked, but slowly your excitement turns to trepidation.

Does the horse have any vices?

His cribbing and stall walking don’t count, do they?

Would he be suitable for a novice child rider?

Sure... if the child is on a lead line.

Does he have any existing health issues?

Not aside from the presumptive Cushing’s diagnosis he got last year...

Ugh, I’m never going to sell this horse!

You don’t really have to answer all those “self-incriminating” questions, do you? Actually, you should. Misrepresenting a horse could land you in some serious legal trouble...

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