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6 Tips for Riding in Wild Horse Country - Full Article

July 1 2018
Story and Photos by Samantha Szesciorka

Whenever I give talks in other states about long distance horseback travel in Nevada, someone always asks about dangerous encounters with wildlife. Were you ever attacked by bears or wolves?, they ask with a look on their face that’s a mixture of hope and horror. I enjoy watching their expression become quizzical once I respond. In my opinion, the most likely, and potentially dangerous, wild animal encounter you can have riding in Nevada… is wild horses.

In the course of riding thousands of miles around this wonderful state, my horse and I have had run-ins with countless wild horses. They are not always pleasant encounters. I don’t think anyone has been charged by wild horses more than us! We’ve dealt with wild horses on the trail, in camp, and even in the middle of the night.

Nevada is home to more wild horses than any other state – more than 40,000 according to the Bureau of Land Management’s last count in March of this year – so chances are good that you’ll run into some if you’re out riding on public land. Wild horses are territorial and they can be aggressive, so it’s important to be prepared to keep yourself and your horse safe. Here are six tips for riding among wild horses:...

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