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Just Bad Luck or Bad Decisions? A 2019 Tevis Cup Wrap-Up with Personal Perspective and Analysis

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By Christoph Schork - September 26, 2019

Like a yearly ritual, I have completed my Tevis Checklist:

• Horse is optimally conditioned and prepared for the most difficult 100 Miler in the world.
• Horse has completed other 100 milers, or back-to-back 50 milers, and is sound and fit.
• EasyCare Hoof Boots applied with diligence.
• Saddle fit and all tack adjusted and checked.
• All supplement and electrolyte containers filled.
• Assortment of different hay types and various different grain feeds prepared.
• Crews organized and briefed.
• Ride plan rehearsed.

Did I overlook anything? It all seems good. Will the Tevis gremlins stay put this year?

We arrived at Robie Equestrian Park in Truckee, California, the Wednesday before the 2019 Tevis Cup 100-Miles-One-Day Trail Ride. Global Endurance Training Center started three horses at this yearʼs Tevis. All of them passed their veterinary pre-check. They were all well hydrated, properly fed, and eager to start...

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