Monday, November 18, 2019

I Bought a Lame Horse: What Are My Legal Options? - Full Article

At Equine Legal Solutions, unhappy horse buyers contact us for legal advice, telling us, “I bought a horse – it seemed sound when I tried it out, but now that I have it at home IT IS LAME!! Can you help me??” Has this happened to YOU? If so, here is what we need to know to help determine what your legal options are.

Did You Have a Pre-Purchase Exam?

If the buyer had a pre-purchase examination (PPE), the veterinarian who performed the exam assessed the horse’s overall physical condition, which provides valuable data about its condition on the day of the exam. The buyer should have received a written report from the veterinarian, as well as copies of any diagnostic imaging and/or laboratory tests (such as drug screening) that were included in the exam. If the buyer did not receive these records, they should call the clinic and ask for copies. Because the buyer paid for the exam, the buyer owns the exam records, and in most states, the seller cannot obtain copies without the buyer’s permission. PPE reports vary greatly in formatting and content, but the most informative reports are very detailed and explain exactly what the veterinarian examined and what her findings were. Some PPE reports even include photos and/or video of any notable findings.

What the pre-purchase examination report says is critical...

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